Cedral Gecko Guage Tool (Pair) 10mm


Cladding Installation Made Simple and Safer.

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The Gecko Gauges allow a single person to install the 10mm Cedral Weatherboards with minimum effort. Vastly improving safety, saving labour costs, improving efficiency, while maintaining superior accuracy.

These clamps help users install Cedral Cladding up to 48% faster than traditional methods. The user clamps a pair of Gecko Gauges to the siding course, allowing them to gauge and support the next course for nailing or screwing. Because of the Friction-Cam mechanism on the gauge  it provides the holding power to support the 3.6 metre boards.

Working as a pair, the Gecko Gauge clamps to each cladding layer. They act as a second set of hands to gauge and support the next board for fixing. Therefore you should get fast, accurate installation with less fatigue.

The Gecko Gauge is recognized as the fastest and simplest fibre-cement siding tool to install Cedral Weatherboarding.

Take your siding installation to the next level with the Gecko Gauge


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