Cedral Click Cladding

What is Cedral Cladding?

Cedral Click Cladding (also commonly known as Weatherboard) is an interlocking, flush-fitting board that is used to cover the exterior of buildings. A popular alternative to traditional timber, it is known for providing the visual appeal of timber boards whilst being far more robust and long-lasting.

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What Is Cedral Cladding Made Of?

Cedral Click Weatherboards are composed of fibre cement, a sustainable material that consists of cement, water, and cellulose fibres. This enables the boards to not only be very sturdy and long-lasting but also resistant to rot, damp, UV rays and all-weather types.

Due to being formed of such a hardwearing material, our Cedral Click Weatherboards have a life expectancy of up to 50 years.


Cladding VS Timber: Which is Best?

There is no denying that traditional timber cladding still has its place in modern builds. However, many professionals are turning to Cedral Cladding as a preferred alternative thanks to its wide range of benefits:


One of the main benefits of Cedral Click is that it is incredibly durable. It is water and weather-resistant meaning it can withstand large amounts of exposure to rain, wind, UV rays, sleet, snow, and wind. In fact, some opt to add cladding over a property’s exterior in order to provide added protection against the elements. Timber, however, is quite the opposite and is susceptible to both warping and moisture-absorption.

Cedral Click Weatherboards are also completely resistant to both rot and damp, so you need not worry about compromised boards over the years, unlike timber which can succumb to both when out in the elements for long periods of time.

Thanks to its hard weariness, Cedral Click boards have a long-life expectancy (up to 50 years) and do not require frequent replacements.



Another benefit of Cedral Cladding VS Timber is that cladding is pest-resistant. Pests such as woodworm or beetles often bore into timber, damaging and weakening the overall structure and ruining the aesthetics of the wood.
These pests cannot penetrate Cedral Cladding and therefore do not cause any pest-related issues to your structure.



Cedral Click Cladding comes in a wide range of colours and finishes; there is the woodgrain finish that aims to replicate that of natural timber and a smooth finish cladding which gives a modern and contemporary feel to any structure.

What sets cladding aside from timber in this area is that the colours and stains do not fade, making it a low maintenance option that never requires re-painting, staining, or sealing.



Low Maintenance

As well as long-lasting colours and being incredibly durable, cladding is also extremely easy to maintain. The cleaning process is simple compared to other materials and requires just a light cleaning with a standard household soap and clean water. This is an appealing factor to many clients.


Versatile and Easy to Install

Installing Cedral boards is easy and does not require a large number of tools. However, there are some Cedral Cladding accessories and tools available that can simplify the job even further such as a diamond tipped saw blade that makes cutting fibre cement boards a dream!

Boards can be installed both vertically and horizontally as well as around window frames and corners.



The combination of durable materials, being low maintenance and displaying long-lasting finishes makes Cedral Click a cost-effective option long-term for any exterior project.

Cedral Click VS Lap: Which is best?

The answer here is it depends. Both Click and Cedral Lap Cladding are easy to install, hardwearing and look great.

The main difference is that lap boards are designed to look like they are overlapping, with each plank having an added overlap at the bottom when laid horizontally, giving a repeating step. This type of board is perfect for especially rainy climates and also gives more of a traditional look to any building.

Click boards click together and offer a more seamless finish and as a result are often used for modern designs.

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