Cedral Lap Cladding

Cedral Lap Cladding is a cost-effective solution for new and traditional builds. Designed to look like the overlapping boards used on the hull of ships, Cedral Lap has the classic look of traditional timber ship lap whilst boasting a number of additional benefits.

In modern times, Cedral Lap Cladding is used on both new and existing structures to help replicate a traditional aesthetic and is often used to clad houses, outdoor garages, garden rooms and more.

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Is Cedral Cladding Waterproof?

Cedral Lap Weatherboards are made from cement, cellulose fibres, and water, which when combined form an incredibly robust material that can withstand the harshest weather conditions such as snow, heavy rain, and high winds.

In fact, due to their overlapping profile and way they are installed, Cedral Lap boards are the most waterproof option for any cladding project as they prevent any water seepage between joints.

Their overlapping profile also helps encourage water runoff and drainage, making lap boards the best option for buildings located in rainier climates.

Cedral Lap Cladding is also a great option in warmer climates as unlike traditional timber it will not bow or warp in the heat and can withstand harsh UV rays without any damage to its colour or finish.

Our professional pre-painted weatherboards come in 24 colours to suit any style or project with traditional stained wood effect cladding also available. These colours and stains are long-lasting and do not fade, meaning they should never require re-painting or re-staining and arrive on-site, ready to install.

Installing Cedral Lap Cladding

Cedral Lap Weatherboards are easy to install and simply require matching up the notches on neighbouring boards and nailing together with fixing nails. Or for areas that will be visible to the naked eye, Cedral colour screws will keep the boards securely fixed together without compromising the overall finish.

Lap boards are generally considered easier to install than click boards by professionals, as they do not require fitting together before installation.

The boards can be fitted both vertically and horizontally, however professionals tend to opt for a horizontal fit with Cedral Lap boards as this is the original style and instead use Cedral Click Cladding for vertical designs.

Are Cedral Lap Weatherboards High Maintenance?

Cedral Lap Weatherboards are extremely easy to maintain and do not require much work throughout the year, making them a preferred option for many professionals and DIYers.

Thanks to their durability they have been given an estimated life expectancy of up to 50 years! Making them a long-term cladding solution.

As they do not fade, they do not require re-staining or re-painting and instead will just require a simple cleaning with soap and water.

Lap boards are also impervious to pests and insects, meaning you will never have to treat or replace them as a result of burrowing or infestation.

If you would like any further information on lap cladding for your project please get in touch with one of our experienced team members at 01342 337115 or send us an email at weatherboard@southernsheeting.co.uk.

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