Southern Sheeting Supplies is now stocking the premium metal gutter system, ‘RoofArt Scandic’.

The Roofart half round galvanised steel gutter system is the perfect rainwater system to compliment a weatherboard clad building. It is built to last and is available from stock on fast lead times at unbeatable prices.

Available in 3 different finishes;

Plain Galvanised, Dark Grey (Ral 7011) & Black (Ral 9005)
For more information and prices please visit our website here: Galvanised Steel Guttering


Why Choose Roofart Rainwater System?

    • Longer Life Span – With a life expectancy far in excess of 50 years and with the longest manufacturer guarantees on the market, galvanised steel guttering will far outlive PVC gutters which are prone to becoming brittle, warping and fading over time
    • Strength – Not only is this galvanised steel guttering system flexible and durable it is also extremely strong, meaning it has higher resistance to impact damage and you are able to rest a ladder on it without any risk of damage
    • Style – Available in 3 different finish options Roofart’s Scandic sleek modern design can be the perfect finishing touch to any new build or refurbishment
    • Installation Speed – Contrary to common belief, half round metal gutter are very simple and quick to install.  Roofart’s push and clip together system make it no harder to work with than any PVC gutter system.  Please view the installation video to see just how easy it is
    • Greener Credentials – Galvanised steel guttering has the lowest carbon footprint compared to other gutter materials available.
    • Price – Higher quality does not necessarily mean higher price. These galvanised steel gutters are priced considerably cheaper than the more recognised steel gutter brands available in the UK.  In fact Roofart’s 150mm diameter gutters will compete on price with other industrial sized PVC gutters on the market

Roofart Galvanised Gutters & Downpipes 125/87Galvanised Gutters & Downpipes 125/87

Roofart Dark Grey Guttering